Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below frequently asked questions about a return to school on 1st June 2020.

Can children in the same group play together at play time or do they have to be 2m apart? Will you be asking them to stay in 2m boxes/zones?

Children can play together in their groups at playtime as the social aspect of returning to school is just as important as the educational one. However, children who are in different groups won’t be able to play together.  We will discourage games where children have really close contact but when playing outside, the risk of any transmission is minimised so normal playground games can take place. We will not be asking children to “play” in 2m boxes or zones.


Can staff still comfort children because of social distancing measures?

Yes, staff can still comfort children as we anticipate many different reactions to coming back to school. Staff will take appropriate precautions, so they are not at a close, face-to-face level with the children. If this did need to take place, staff would need to wear PPE.


Will children be grouped with their friends?

Yes, wherever possible we will group children with their friends in the same year group. This will be dependent on the number of children attending but we will do our best for all children.


I might want my child to return at some point, but not on the 1st June. Is this OK?

Yes and I imagine many parents are feeling this way. School is open from the 1st June for those who want to attend and are eligible for a space. I will be sending out a clear procedure soon for parents who want to wait. This will include giving the school a short period of notice; this so we can ensure space, staffing and group size.


Can my child do a half day at school?

I’m sorry but we are unable to accommodate this, except for pre-school children where parents may choose a morning or afternoon session, or both.


Why is your pre-school open?

The government has asked all Early Years providers, including schools with nurseries/pre-schools to open.


What if my pre-school child attends two different settings?

If this is the case, it is worth considering whether you feel comfortable with your child attending more than one setting in the current climate. If you wish to discuss this further, please contact the school directly.


Can you help me make a decision about my child returning to school?

I’m sorry but no, we can’t do this. If you are unsure, please read the letter dated Monday 18th May again and familiarise yourself with the measures the school is taking. Take into account your own circumstances and the fact that non-attendance will not be penalised in any way. School is open for children meeting certain criteria and if you want them to attend, we will welcome them back openly.