Parents Involvement in School

How are parents involved in the school? How can I get involved? Who can I contact for further information?
Parents know their children best and it is important that all professionals listen and understand when parents express concerns about their child’s development. They should also listen to and address any concerns raised by children themselves.

Hennock Community Primary School must provide an annual report for parents on their child’s progress.

We will:

  • Make arrangements for providing children, their parents, and young people with SEND or disabilities with advice and information about matters relating to SEND and disability
  • Ensure decisions are informed by the insights of parents and those of children and young people themselves
  • Inform parents when they are making special educational provision for their child and have processes in place for engagement with children and young people and their families to provide feedback on provision
  • Ensure parents are fully aware of the planned support and interventions and, where appropriate, plan to seek parental involvement to reinforce or contribute to progress at home.
  • Ensure a clear date for reviewing progress is agreed and the parent, pupil and teaching staff should be clear about how they will help the pupil achieve the expected outcomes
  • Be aware that a child’s parents, young people and schools have specific rights to request an Education, Health and Care needs assessment and children and their parents and young people should feel able to tell their school if they believe they have or may have SEND.
  • Carry out annual reviews through an appropriate person centred planning process
  • Identify aspirational key outcomes and secure appropriate provision to achieve outcomes
  • Hold regular parent meetings, with the child or young person, as appropriate, to discuss pupil progress (at least three times a year)
  • Establish processes to facilitate feedback from all pupils, including pupils with SEND, e.g. pupil voice, pupil forums and school councils.
  • Use the Devon Assessment Framework process as an appropriate person-centred planning approach to put the child or young person and their family at the heart of planning and reviewing provision
  • Encourage the active participation of the child and their parent / carer