Below you can find all sorts of science websites and resources to support learning at home...
Zooniverse is a collaborative science research website where you can contribute to various citizen science projects. The best ones for children are the nature projects ( where you are asked to identify African animals that have been caught by motion-capture cameras. You can use a field guide to ID the animals, see lots of amazing creatures and help towards scientific research! If you get lucky, you might even see a leopard or other rare creatures. Here's an example picture below:
Nature videos in your home:
There are lots of cool wildlife cameras available on YouTube, which are live and usually show things like bird feeders or wildlife reserves. This is a great way to let nature into your home if you can't go out and watch wildlife that you wouldn't usually be able to see in your back garden.
Here are some of our favourites: 
The University of Cornell in Ithica,USA hosts a range of live bird cameras showing different types of birds across the world. At the moment, you can watch birds feeding in American woodlands and in the Panamanian rainforest, a Barred Owl nest box and even watch a Royal Albatross chick growing up!
These are not always live but most have recording of all sorts of animals to watch. The bears & bald eagles are always fun to watch.
Zoo &  aquarium cameras:
Please be aware that some of these videos have a live chat option about the video. We cannot guarantee that the content of this chat is suitable, so please turn this feature off when showing children.
Zoo, Aquarium & National Park Tours
Tour a zoo or aquarium: