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Our School Ethos and Values

Our Vision: The Roots of our School Tree

Hennock’s school vision is to nurture individuality, enrich children through high-quality experiences to be passionate, creative learners and empower them to meet the world with confidence.

We are part of the Link Academy Trust, and every school within our Trust has considered exactly what they offer their pupils and this has been summarised as:

Small Schools, Big Opportunities:

  •          Unforgettable experiences - setting the foundations for life;
  •          No ceiling: the highest possible achievement for all;
  •          Individuality valued, collaboration not competition;
  •          People matter, every interaction, every moment.

Our Values: The Trunk of our School Tree

Our values form the acronym “I'm being” which helps us to live out our values each day in school. We have seven core values at Hennock School. They are:

Individuality – we celebrate being ourselves and respect each other;

Mastery – we use the natural environment, technology, hands-on experiences and wider opportunities to be the best learners we can be;

Belonging – we are part of the Hennock School family and we welcome everyone here;

Empowerment – we build confidence and courage to persevere, take risks, explore and broaden our horizons of the diverse world around us;

Inclusivity – we support, understand and accept each others’ needs and our own;

Nurture – we care, we look after each other and know that we can only do our best learning if we’re feeling safe, secure, happy and loved;

inGenuity – we solve problems creatively & grasp every opportunity.

Our Attributes: The Branches of our School Tree

At Hennock School, we link our values to the learning behaviours and attributes that we expect from children, staff, parents and everyone in our school community.

In the EYFS and Year 1, children are awarded ‘Achievosaurs’ which teach children learning behaviours; they quickly learn to spot these attributes in themselves and others. These are linked directly to the Characteristics of Effective Learning (CEL) from the Early Years Framework.

In Years 2 - 6, children build on this knowledge to explore a range of ways to live out our values. They learn and understand vocabulary linked to the attributes they have and can identify them within their learning. All of our values help them to achieve & succeed. By the time pupils reach Year 6, they are skilled, prepared and are life-long learners, ready for the next steps of their journey to secondary school. 


How we will achieve our vision: The Branches of our School Tree

To achieve our vision, we will continue to focus on: delivering high quality teaching & learning; ensuring strong leadership & management at all levels; focussing on personal development & welfare of pupils, staff and families; and seizing opportunities and experiences alongside having high quality resources that support everyone in our school community.

Here is what Hennock School will do over the next 3 years to achieve this:

High Standards – we will ensure standards of attainment remain high across the school and that our curriculum remains broad & balanced to support all types of learners at all ability levels. We will strengthen our use of technology for both pupils and staff to support high quality & innovative teaching and learning.

Progressive Curriculum – we will continue to build our provision of the Arts, Natural Learning, Technology & Sport so that the National Curriculum teaching is woven through these subjects to high effect, engagement and enjoyment for all.

Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social Development – we will ensure children have wide range of experiences & interactions that reflect the diversity of modern Britain and go beyond our rural village locale.

Community – we will continue to strengthen links with our community, including our school local board members (governors), PTFA, the church, parish council & local residents, as well as linking with new families through our toddler group and pre-school.

Our Outcomes: The Leaves of our School Tree

Children at Hennock School are given the best opportunities we can offer through inspiring lessons, broad and meaningful experience-driven learning, and our specialised Natural Learning curriculum. It’s a place where children are empowered to have the confidence and freedom to express themselves, explore, take risks, develop skills and attitudes for the evolving world. We are a school that prides itself on being ‘small and mighty’.

As a rural village school, community and family are incredibly important to us and we have a big family feel where all are welcome. Our caring and supportive staff team give it their all to support everyone within the school. We are a school that is truly passionate about nurture, care and kindness and children’s emotional literacy is fostered alongside their academic learning; we know that children need to feel good about themselves to be able to learn successfully.

At Hennock School, every child is treated as an individual and we celebrate their interests and passions to make learning personalised for them. We are a highly inclusive school that considers the needs of every child, no matter their background or ability. Every child at Hennock school knows that they are special and will leave us ready to meet the world with confidence.