Welcome to Saplings

Welcome to Saplings!
Bryony leads our pre-school and Michelle supports the children's learning. We all enjoy a lively, friendly environment where children are inquisitive and keen to explore.

The children in Saplings are encouraged to learn through play and exploration, through being active, creative and thinking critically. The staff aim for the children to be inspired by their experiences; motivated by stimulating environments and equipment; fully engaged in their learning and, ultimately, to be empowered to continue to explore and learn themselves, independently. This is managed through carefully planned lessons and activities and opportunities for adult-led and adult- directed sessions as well as ample opportunity for child-initiated learning.
How do we inform parents about their child's learning in pre-school?
Tapestry is our online learning journal. The children’s ‘wow’ moments of learning will be shared on this platform and this also allows you to add your own observations and comment on the photos, videos and text we have added. We hope that this will give you a really clear knowledge of your child’s development.
What sorts of thing do children learn about in Saplings?
In Saplings, we always use the children's interests to determine our learning topics and across the year, we investigate a wide range of different topics, such as animals, nature, festivals, toys, weather, ourselves, seasons, space, homes, plants, pirates, dinosaurs and more!

We also do muddy maths where we take our learning outside into our pre-school area and garden so we can learn about counting, number, shape, space and measure through nature. This lays the foundation for mathematical development. 
We engage with topics in different ways and do lots of learning outdoors, wherever possible. We also do lots of painting, crafting and making too. Forest school is a really important part of our week and the children love exploring the woods, using tools safely and having a warm hot chocolate at our forest school site.
Pre-school Clothing List
Please bring the following items into every session – or leave on the child’s peg.

  • Backpack
  • Spare clothes, including pants and socks
  • Wipes/pull ups
  • Drinking bottle (for water)
  • Sun cream
  • Sun hat (for warmer weather)
  • Wellingtons
  • Coat